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Classroom Happenings-November

So many fun activities have taken place this last month.  The kids really enjoyed getting to see the fire truck when they visited and then practicing stop, drop and roll.  They learned a catchy son to go with it to the tune of “Hot Cross Buns”:

Stop, Drop and Roll

Stop, Drop and Roll

If your clothes catch fire,

Stop, Drop and Roll.

The children learned about germs in the beginning of the month when we focused on proper handwashing.  They were intrigued by the black light showing them germs and how much more they needed to scrub their hands.

We have continued our gardening project and are still talking about insects.  They went on a bug hunt to find worms to put in our worm farm but came up finding nothing. want to give a big shout out to Michelle for getting our class worms to they could study further.

We have been really teaching ourselves and the children about Conscious Discipline.  This month we read about Shubert and how he calms down in different situations using Drain, Balloon and STAR.  We also wanted the children to have a part in classroom routines so now every week they get a new job so that everyone is included.  Check out the job chart with your kids so they know what their job is.

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Purple Team

Ms. Annemarie graduated from SIUE in 2013 with my bachelor of science in early childhood education with a special education endorsement.  She is married and has a 10 year old stepdaughter.  She has four dogs and an albino hedgehog.  She loves to go on hikes, scrapbook and reads many books!  She also happens to love exercise, so she participates in 5Ks, rides bicycles and swims!  She has been working with kids since 8th grade and has always had a place in her heart for them.  She and her husband are hoping to have their own children on down the road!

Ms.  Casey-

Ms. Casey is working towards finishing her Bachelor’s of Elementary Education at SIUE and received her Associate of Arts from Kaskasia College.  She lives with the loves of her life, Brett and their son Hayden.  Ms Casey also has an Australian Shepherd and three cats.  She loves baking, crafts, gardening, and movies! Ms. Casey has worked in childcare centers in the O’Fallon area since 2012.  Her favorite part of teaching of teaching in the Purple Room so far is the enthusiastic singing and dancing that happens daily!

Ms. Lisa

November 8th and 9th-Parent conferences.  No morning class.  Extended care provided.

November 10th-Veteran’s Day Holiday/No School

November 16th- Nature Walk

November 21st-Library Visit

November 22nd-November 24th-Thanksgiving Break/No School





Library Visit

Join us on November 21t at 10:30 as Julie from the O’Fallon library visits us to tell us stories and do an activity with the children.  This is a typical story time that is held at the library daily during the week.  Sign-up sheets will be coming soon to our bulletin board.

Nature Walk Field Trip

We will be going on a nature walk November 16th at 9:15 a.m.  We would love a few parent volunteers to go with us.  This will be a walking field trip around the corner and past Hinchcliffe.  The children will be hunting for various items in nature and collecting them for us to study closer in the classroom.  The sign-up sheet will be coming soon to our bulletin board.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences will be November 8th and 9th during the day.  I will have sign-up sheets coming soon to the bulletin board.  If you need a more flexible time, I can find another time earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon.


Discovery strives to be a peanut-free zone for the safety of our children with allergies.

If you would like for your child to have chapstick or lotion at school, you may fill out a brief form in the office.  Please be sure to give it to teachers for safe-keeping.

Please remember an extra set of clothing for your child’s cubby  Please include a short-sleeved shirt, a pair of pants, a pair of shorts, a pair of socks, and a change of shoes.

Please be sure to sign your child in and out each day, and help them wash their hands on arrival.

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