Summer Camp continues with many fun and education activities for the children.

Week 6-July 5th through the 8th is “Hooray for the USA-We All Scream for Ice Cream”.  An ice cream truck will visit and the children will also make “Fruity-Tuity” ice cream.  They will be using fresh fruits such as strawberries, bananas and blueberries to make the ice cream.  

Week 7-July 11th through July 15th -“It’s a Zoo in Here!”  Children will be making animal masks.  Also, a member of the St. Louis Zoo will come and do a presentation  entitled “Family Matters”.  Weather permitting, there will be wet days and lots more fun!!

Week 8 – July 18th through July 22nd-“Fiesta Fun”  Ms. Nicole, our Spanish Teacher, will come back this summer to help the children make a special special.  The children will be making pinatas with the classroom.  There will be special music and stories as the children are introduced to the Mexican culture.

Week 9-July 25th-July 29th – This is our “We Care” week where the Discovery children give to the community.  The children will be making musical instruments.  They will then do a presentation at the Collandade Senior Center.  The presentation is entitled, “That’s Entertainment”.  They will be using their instruments and props add to the presentation.

Week 10-August 1st-August 5th- “I Am A Robot”.  On August 3rd, a magic wand will turn our little campers into robots.  On August 4th,  Ms. Robin will return to help the children make robots.


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