Down, down, yellow and brown

The leaves are falling all over the town!

That is just a simple rhyme that you can repeat over and over with your child.  Your voices will catch a rhythm and it is lots of fun to repeat.  Enjoy!

October at Discovery promises to be very busy for everyone.  We will begin with a birthday celebration on October 12th in the morning.  It will be a simple pep rally with the child making banners, instruments and shakers as they please.  We will have parade (weather permitting) and refreshments.  It is not every day a school turns 50!  Parents are, of course, welcome!

Yes, Discovery has been in O’Fallon for 50 years.  This building on Obernuefemann road opened in 1989 and has been operating at this site ever since then.  Discovery is a shining example of quality in Early Childhood Education.  It is  nationally accredited and it maintains a gold circle of quality from the IL Department of Human Services.  We are very proud of our heritage in O’Fallon.

On October 19th, at 6:30 in the evening we will have our Fall Festival at Vetta Sports Center.  We repeat this activity each year because families have enjoyed it so much.   It begins at 6:30, but come a few minutes early to sign consent forms for your child to play at the center.  There will be the open soccer field.  Many of the older siblings really enjoy this part of the evenings.  There is also the large inflatables for the children to jump in as well as face painting, and other activities.

On October 26th, the O’Fallon Fire Department will visit Discovery’s children.  They will also do a fire drill together and the children will have the opportunity to see the fire truck and how it works.  The children always enjoy this.  A special thanks to the O’Fallon Fire Department for all that they do!

The classrooms will be taking pumpkin picking field trips this month and that is always exciting.  The two year old room will be having a Fall Festival in lieu of the field trip.  It is one of the best months out of the year when we all can enjoy the changing season.  Falling leaves and even a crisp breeze add to the beauty of the season.  It is our desire that all enjoy the month at Discovery.

Fundraising!  A topic that some do not find pleasant!  However, Discovery has found a way to make it fun for all.  We will have our annual Quarter Auction on Friday, November 18th.  It will be at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Highway 50 (across from the community park) in O’Fallon.  Yes, we will be asking for help, but let’s all share the responsibilities.  Currently, we need a volunteer to set up and organize the silent auction.  Some assistants for that person would be helpful.  In addition, we need donations for the auction.  If you have a business or place of employment that is able to donate items for the auction, that would be helpful.  Finally, the BEST thing you can do to help out, is to get a group of friends together, reserve a table and enjoy the evening.  The KC Hall actually has a fish dinner (with many things besides fish) before the auction and it is great food.  The doors to the auction open at 6:00 and the auction begins at 7:00.  Come and enjoy yourselves!

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