Thank you, Parents!  We cleared just over $2,000 on our Quarter Auction.  Thanks to everyone who came out to the auction and to all of the parents who helped to make the fundraiser a success!  Thanks, too, to all of the parents who donated items to be auction and those who helped in any way.  Your support motivates us as we strive to provide the best possible program for both you and your child.  A special thanks to Ms. Nicole, our auctioneer, who mad the evening a fun-filled one for all!

PLEASE!  Remember to keep our parking lot safe by turning off your car when coming into Discovery.  Do not leave children alone in the car.  In spite of the cold weather, it is dangerous to leave a car running, especially with children in and around it.  Thanks for keeping it safe!

During this busy time of the year, we hope that each of you remember that the traditions you establish now will create memories that last a life time.  A tradition as simple as writing your names in the first snow and then coming in for a cup of hot chocolate will be remembered by your children for years to come.  A tradition of the family singing songs as you are on the road to visit relatives will be a cherished memory that your child/children will talk and laugh about as they become adults with families of their own.  Often times these special traditions are shared from one generation to the next.

The most treasure


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Discovery staff wish each of you a safe and happy holiday season!

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