Welcome to 2017!

We are off to a chilly start in 2017.  No doubt this will continue for a while so we might just as well grin and bear it.  Of course, this is the time that we should be thinking of New Year’s Resolutions.  What kind of resolutions should a preschooler make?  Hmmm.  Maybe something like:

This year I will use my inside voice.

Or maybe this year I will use my walking feet.

This just isn’t right!!!  Preschoolers are all about talking (frequently in  loud voice) and they are all about activity.  Walking, running, jumping.  We want them to be this way so to put those type of resolutions on them just would not be right.

What about parents though….More ideas:  I will list just a couple because I don’t want to overwhelm anyone.  That is the quickest way to give up on a New Year’s Resolution.

  1.  Let’s reinstatement the dinner time meal…at a table….with no television… and no electronic devices.  I think that is a good one for a couple of reasons.  A study showed that national scholars were polled and had one thing in common.  That is they all had a family dinner together.  A caveat might be it would be healthier for everyone.  A good dinner, good food means less calories and less snacking later on.  That was just food for thought!!!
  2. Boost your child’s self esteem.  Now that one seems easy enough.  We just have to think good thoughts and express them in a positive manner to our children.  The child is going to feel much better about themselves and you, as parents, will feel better because it is all positive.  Negative bogs everyone down.

These are just two little resolutions that are easy to work on daily.  Certainly no one is going to be perfect, but it sure is a worth a try on a daily basis.  It will get better as the days of the year fly by.  How many times we say at the end of the year, “Where has time gone?”.  Time with our children does fly by too quickly.  I doubt that 2017 will be any different.

Ms. Grace, Co-Director at Discovery School

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