Discovery is having a very busy month.  School pictures will be taken on February 15th and 16th.  This is always a fun time for the children.  Most of the children enjoy having their pictures taken.  Others may be uncomfortable being taken from their “normal” routine.  Images 4 Kids take the pictures and their photographers are wonderful about working with the children. Most pictures turn out fine.  We have had great success with this company for many years.

On February 23rd, Mr. C.J. Shanks will speak to parents on a topic that is important for every family:  Emergency preparedness.  Remember the ice storm that hit on Friday evening at rush hour?  Were we really prepared for that?  I heard stories of ladies walking in high heels on the ice.  That is just one little instance.  Bigger things can happen and we want to be ready!!  By the way, Discovery does have a risk management plan if you would ever like to read it.

It is with very mixed feelings that I am retiring this month.  The 9th of February is “officially” my last day; however, I will be around to support Ms. Mycah in her new position as co-director.  I have been working with young children since 1977, or going to school to learn about them.  They are definitely near and dear to my heart.  I guess if I had “words of wisdom”, I would say that children are sooooo inconvenient.  They are not easy and they do not come with instructions; however, they are worth every minute of time that you can give.  To watch them grow and development is pure joy.  Love them, nurture them and they will grow into the fine young citizens that you hope for!  They are well worth all of the work that you put into them!!!

One more thing that I would like to say.   THANK YOU!  Thank you for sharing your child/children with Discovery.  I have worked in several early childhood settings and I have to say that Discovery is a wonderful place for your child and your family to be.  I have given the last 10 years to Discovery and I do not regret it at all.  It has been a wonderful experience and I thank all of you.  I cannot possible tell you how wonderful it has been to meet all of you.


Grace Schooley (Retired)

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