Welcome to the Green Room

 Jr. Kindergarten

Welcome to the Green Room


Classroom Happenings:

What a wonderful March we had…it was a fun month of learning and growing in the Green Room.

We did science experiments to learn about the wind, its strength, and its direction by making parachutes and launching them into the sky.  We learned how to make a tornado in a bottle and made whirligigs to test the direction of wind and speed and gravity.

We enjoyed learning about rainbows and how they are formed with sun and rain coming together to create this beautiful sight.  We made a rainbow in a jar to learn about different liquid density and did a pigment experiment to see if black marker has all the colors of the rainbow inside (it does!).

We are continuing to learn our letters through writing and learning activities, working on sight words and finding them in our books, and we loved doing addition problems using a number line we could walk on.

We loved making greenhouses for seeds, and we watched as our starter seeds grew into plants we got to plant outside in our garden box.  We can’t wait to see our green vegetables grow!

During this upcoming month of April, we will be focusing on changes we see in Spring, opening up our farmer’s market in dramatic play we made food props for using model magic, learning about insects, celebrating Week of the Young Child, and watching our classroom caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies.





Green Team

Ms. Heather has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Early Childhood Education from Virginia Tech.  She loves beach time, traveling the world, hiking and skiing with her two sons, Conner and Collin.

She feels reading to children is the greatest gift to give them.  As Dr. Seuss said, “the more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you’ll go”! 

Ms. Gabi

Ms. Gabi and her husband Tom are former Discovery parents.  Their grown sons, Sam and Seth, are Discovery graduates. Gabi started her teaching career at Discovery as a substitute.  She joined the staff as regular employee in 1996.  She has a B.S. from Bradley University and spends her time away from Discovery as an active participant of her synagogue and being very involved in local theater.

Ms. Kaycee

Coming soon…

April 8th-12th- The Week of the Young Child.

We will be celebrating music, tasty foods, art, working together and a special family day on Friday, April 12th.  Look for information on the bulletin board and in your child’s cubby.

April 18th-22nd- School is closed for Spring Break.

April 23rd- Classes resume

End of the Year Celebration:

We will be having our end of the year celebration in May at school this year.  We will be having an ice cream social, singing and acting by the Green Room children, and portfolios will be given out too.  Stay tuned for date and time for this super special night!

Future Field Trips:

Field trip to the Discovery Room at the St. Louis Science Center will be Wednesday, April 24th.  Thank you for signing up to chaperone! Look for payment envelopes in your child’s cubby soon.

*Be sure to change out your child’s extra clothes in their backpack to match the season.

*Check our classroom bulletin board daily to find important information and daily happenings.

*Please check your child’s take home folder daily.

*Please be sure to send children in tennis shoes each day.