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Looking Back…

The children have been having a great time exploring tubes and tunnels.  They have been sending balls, blocks, and cars down our big tubes to see how far they go.  The corn kernels and tubes in the sensory table have been a big hit as well.  We drank juice through “tubes” and also painted with tubes.

What’s New?

We will be wrapping up our Tubes and Tunnels project and changing gears as the weather changes again to winter.  As a school, we will focus on sharing and caring during this season.

When we return from Winter break we will be starting our book project.


Orange Team

Ms. Dannette graduated from SIUE with a bachelors degree in Elementary Education.  She taught 5th grade for 3 years before starting a family.  All three of her children are Discovery School graduates. She started teaching at Discovery as a substitute in 2014 when her youngest child was in her second year at Discovery.  She is excited to be in a classroom and really enjoys watching the children learn through plan and hands on experiences.


December 19- Pajama Day

December 24th-January 4th- Winter Break


*Please continue to encourage proper hand-washing and covering sneezes and coughs.

*Please check Facebook and listen to Channel 2 or 5 to find out if Discovery is closed due to winter weather conditions.  The classroom teacher will also send out an email with information regarding closures.

*With cooler weather upon us, please pack your child’s backpack with a warm change of extra clothes.

*Coats and jackets are to be stored in the bottom portion of your child’s cubby.

*Remember to wear tennis shoes for outside Play! Boots are cute, but they are not safe on our playground climbers.

Thank you!

Pajama Day

Pajama Day is December 19th!  Wear your favorite comfy pajamas (and tennis shoes) and bring a stuffed animal to school.  We will cook a healthy snack too!